Chacun a sa propre montagne à gravir

First Name : Alexis
Born : the 20th of March 1991 in Moûtiers, France
Ski-club : Courchevel – Savoie – France

Hobbies :
All kind of sports – Spend time with my friends, familly and wife – Read, watch movies (during travels I have a lot of time).

Studies :
2002-2006 : middle school, les Barattes in Annecy-le-vieux, during fall and spring, and Bonrieu in Bozel during winter
2006-2010 : High school, (special section for good skiers) Jean-moulin in Albertville.
2010 : Graduateted with major in science (baccalorat)

Sports history :
When I was young I practiced many different sports for couple of years like: tennis, fencing, wakeboard, ice hockey and some combat sports. But i spent almost fifteen years skiing and playing soccer.
2006 : I had to make a choice between ski and soccer.
2008: I integrate the national ski team.
2009 : I became world junior champion in giant which give me an acces for my first Giant World Cup in Are.

2012 : Claim my first world cup Victory in Moscow.

2014 : Earned my first Olympic medal in Sochi

2015 : Earned my first Worlchamps medal in Beaver Creek

2016 : Get my first crystal globe

2018 : Get 2 more Olympics Medals

2019 : World Champion title

2021 : Overall World Cup Winner and GS WC Globe Winner. 2 more World Champs medals


A part of my story :
I m French-Norwegian. The north part come from my mother and my french touch from my father.
I made my first turns on the slopes just next to Hotel Annapurna (our family hotel). Since than, skiing has always been a big part of my life.
My sister, brother and I were always between Courchevel and Annecy.
Winter has guided our lifes.
My older sister is working into the family Hotel. While my little brother, would rather like to go the sports way. I get married in 2017 to my long time girlfriend Romane with is now working by my side.


Live your dreams ! That’s the best advice I can give …